I. How Memory Care Facilities Can Help

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 83% of all caregivers are unpaid family members, relatives, or other friends, and nearly half of all care is for older adults with some form of dementia. Caregiving, especially when it involves Alzheimer’s or dementia, is extremely exhausting and time-consuming, leading many caregivers to feel isolated and overwhelmed.

As a loved one continues to progress through the stages of dementia and his or her cognitive abilities continue to decline, behavioral problems, safety, and general care often become more than one caregiver can handle. This is when it’s important to find extra help, and residential facilities that have specialized memory care programs are often the best solution.

In addition to providing a safe environment, memory care programs seek to delay or halt cognitive decline while providing the opportunity for a social, independent lifestyle.

II. Our Selection Process

To choose the best memory care facilities in Edmond, our team of researchers started by using our unique methodology to develop a list of contenders. We further refined the list in the next phase of our process by completing hands-on research for each one of the companies that we developed. Finally, we compiled online reviews from residents and families and wrote summaries of each facility that made it through our selection process.

Overall, our team:

  • Spent over 45 hours researching memory care facilities in Edmond
  • Read more than 160 reviews written by residents and their loved ones
  • Interviewed 13 representatives from local communities

III. Reviews of the 20 Best Memory Care Facilities in Edmond

Memory care in Edmond, OK

StoneCreek of Edmond

  • Resident Capacity: 94
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing
  • Base Pricing: $5,410 for Memory Care, $3,685 for Assisted Living

Situated less than 25 miles north of Oklahoma City, StoneCreek of Edmond is less than 4 miles away from Mercy Westbrook Edmond and several shopping centers in Edmond, including Oak Brook and Willow Creek Shopping Centers. The staff of licensed nurses and dedicated caregivers provide individualized personal care and specialized care for all stages of dementia. Memory care residents also have a choice of specialized activities ranging from interactive life skills stations to intellectually engaging word games and brain teasers. The green thumb club and art throb club, along with a variety of other creative outlets, promote relaxation and build confidence. Healthy meals made with fresh ingredients are served three times a day in a family-style dining room. The pet-friendly community offers Ageless Grace, a fitness program designed for seniors with cognitive impairment.

What Residents Are Saying
Reviewers like the variety of activities offered. One wrote, “The staff is available, pleasant, helpful, and they work on getting to know their residents. Various activities are available for those who want to partake and the importance of exercise is realized by its being offered daily. There are exercises that work the mind too, such as brain games and trivia games.“

Reviews: 4.11 out of 5 stars; 79 reviews
Phone: (405) 352-7118
Address: 17701 N. Western Ave., Edmond, OK 73012
Web: https://civitasseniorliving.com/our-communities/stone-creek-of-edmond/

Iris Memory Care of Edmond

  • Resident Capacity: 40
  • Room Types: Studios, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Memory Care, Respite
  • Base Pricing: $5,485 for Memory Care

A fulfilling life awaits seniors at Iris Memory Care of Edmond, a retirement community that focuses on the well-being of those living with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive conditions. With its functional design and color themes, the intimate community is easy to navigate and features an open layout for enhancing social interaction. Residents can stroll freely in the secure outdoor courtyard while discreetly monitored via wander management. The care team uses the Snoezelen therapy cart carrying visual, tactile and auditory elements, such as bubble tubes and color-changing optic lighting, that help calm behaviors and improve moods. Seniors also look forward to special events, musical entertainment and outdoor trips. Additionally, residents are encouraged to interact with the chefs as they prepare healthy meals and family recipes.

What Residents Are Saying
The community earns praises for its well-rounded care, with one family member saying, “We placed my father in their care, he had end-stage Alzheimer’s, they were kind and compassionate, not only to my father, but to the entire family. The staff at Iris acted as our advocates as we navigated geriatric psych and hospice… My mother has also spent time at Iris, she had a catastrophic fall. … They … fully helped with her rehabilitation.”

Reviews: 4.59 out of 5 stars; 48 reviews
Phone: (405) 486-0324
Address: 2424 NW. 178th St., Edmond, OK 73012
Web: https://www.irisseniorliving.com/senior-living/ok/edmond/178th-st/

The Veraden Senior Living

  • Resident Capacity: 110
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,800 for Memory Care, $3,620 for Assisted Living, $3,425 for Independent Living

The Veraden Senior Living is situated less than five minutes away from OU Health Edmond Medical Center and several shopping centers, including Kickingbird Square and North Oaks Shopping Center. The memory care staff has experience caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Life skill stations can be found throughout the community and are customized with familiar objects and tasks from residents’ pasts that can be used to kindle old memories and spark conversation. The memory care dining program offers individualized meal plans that incorporate residents’ favorite foods and recipes. Outside each apartment is a memory box that residents and family can fill with mementos and other objects that reflect their favorite hobbies and interests to help seniors easily recognize their rooms.

What Residents Are Saying
Reviewers like the kind staff’s dedication to the residents. A relative of a resident wrote, “Mom has been at Veraden for about 2 years now. … The care and concern shown for mom by the aides and managers is comforting. … The workers make an effort to encourage mom to participate in activities.“

Reviews: 3.93 out of 5 stars; 71 reviews
Phone: (405) 359-1230
Address: 2709 E. Danforth Rd., Edmond, OK 73034
Web: https://www.sagora.com/veraden/

Touchmark at Coffee Creek

  • Resident Capacity: 134
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Detached Homes
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Within its 638-acre lush property, Touchmark at Coffee Creek offers a full range of maintenance-free senior lifestyle options. The pet-friendly community exudes serenity with its beautifully landscaped grounds and cozy accommodations. The Oak and Maple memory care neighborhood provides comfortable, manageable living spaces to seniors dealing with cognitive challenges. It features a secure, secluded outdoor area where residents can move around safely and freely. An emergency call system provides prompt response to urgent issues. Individually assigned caregivers are trained in the Best Friends approach, allowing them to gain residents’ trust and build meaningful connections. Touchmarks’ Full Life Wellness and Life Enrichment program regularly schedules engaging activities tailored to seniors’ unique abilities, traits and interests, helping them thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What Residents Are Saying
Family members like that the community offers continuum care, giving loved ones access to different levels of support. One writes, “My mother is in assisted living and my father is in memory care at Touch Mark at Coffee Creek Retirement Community. It looked like the highest quality, the cleanest, and the most professional facility that we could find. The staff is very caring, very accommodating, and we are very happy with them.”

Reviews: 4.45 out of 5 stars; 68 reviews
Phone: (405) 302-8108
Address: 2801 Shortgrass Rd., Edmond, OK 73003
Web: https://www.touchmark.com/senior-living/ok/edmond/coffee-creek/

Autumn Leaves of Edmond

  • Resident Capacity: 50
  • Room Types: Studios, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Memory Care, Day Services, Respite
  • Base Pricing: $6,100 for Memory Care

Autumn Leaves of Edmond caters exclusively to seniors living with Alzheimer’s and memory-relations conditions. Thoughtfully designed to encourage independence and maximize comfort, the intimate community features bright living spaces, soothing decor and wide hallways and entryways. Aromas coming from the kitchen create nostalgic sensory experiences, and the secure, easily accessible courtyard serves as a gathering area for outdoor activities. The care team is composed of nurses with special dementia care training, making the transition into community living smooth and easy for residents and their families. Life engagement programs are tailored to individual experiences and favorite pastimes, with residents having access to daily activities and routines that they enjoy. This personalized approach to resident programming helps reduce agitation, boredom and anxiety. Seniors also participate in learning exercises that enhance and maintain their cognitive abilities and stimulate the brain.

What Residents Are Saying
The community gets positive reviews for its attentive, comprehensive care, with a resident’s daughter saying, “Dad stayed at Autumn Leaves Edmond… His stay was very good. It really met his needs having Alzheimer’s, and they knew what they were doing. They provided the best level of care. The ratio of their staff to patient is 8:1 and was good.”

Reviews: 4.43 out of 5 stars; 54 reviews
Phone: (405) 341-1450
Address: 1001 S. Bryant Ave., Edmond, OK 73034
Web: http://autumnleaves.com/communities/edmond/

Tealridge Assisted Living

  • Resident Capacity: 126
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,250 for Memory Care, $3,040 for Assisted Living, $1,600 for Independent Living

Tealridge Assisted Living provides care in a comfortable and quiet residential setting. Memory care services include assistance with daily living tasks to ensure residents are comfortable no matter what stage their memory condition has progressed to. Memory care plans are highly individualized, depending on need, and focus heavily on security so that residents can wander around the community at will. A great deal of the program also focuses on choice so that memory care residents feel as though they are active participants in care. Spirituality is a major component in this community, with religious services and spiritual elements included in the programming.

What Residents Are Saying
Residents and their loved ones point out the professionalism of the staff at Tealridge as well as the amenities provided to residents. One notes, “My mom is very happy at Tealridge Retirement. They are doing a great job, and we are very pleased. The staff is just great. They are very attentive and very good natured, and she feels very comfortable with them.”

Reviews: 4.28 out of 5 stars; 52 reviews
Phone: (405) 604-5433
Address: 2200 NE. 140th St., Edmond, OK 73013
Web: https://www.tealridge.com/

Epworth Villa

  • Resident Capacity: 430
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Detached Homes
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: Independent Living: $1,925, Assisted Living: $3,900, Memory Care: $5,200

Epworth Villa, located in the heart of Oklahoma City, is focused on providing residents with a comforting and homelike environment. It is certified to offer the Music and Memory Program for residents in memory care. This program utilizes music therapy to aid residents in improving memory, regaining social skills and improving their lives. Epworth Villa also provides assisted living and independent living services. Residents can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities, including yoga, Bible study, Tai Chi, a coffee shop and convenience store and housekeeping services.

What Residents Are Saying
Residents and their families love the environment at Epworth Villa. One said, “My mother is in Epworth Villa. I like the multiple eating facilities on the inside, on-site trainer, pretty elaborate workout facility, lots of activities, and movie theater…The staff is awesome. My wife’s mother stayed there for about seven years, so we’re very familiar with them. It’s pristine.”

Reviews: 4.17 out of 5 stars, 152 reviews
Phone: (405) 752-1200
Address: 14901 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Web: https://epworthvilla.org/

Quail Ridge Senior Living

  • Resident Capacity: 165
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,000 for Memory Care, $2,500 for Assisted Living

Seniors facing the challenges of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can find security and comfort in Quail Ridge Senior Living’s person-centered approach to care. The community’s Legacy memory care program focuses on individual strengths and traits, with residents cared for by a staff continuously trained in dementia practices. Quarterly assessments help monitor individual physical and cognitive development and progress. Programming is unique for each resident, with daily physical activities, cognitive exercises, creative projects and devotional services. Residents can look forward to special events and entertainment, and family visits are encouraged to help maintain meaningful relationships. Health and wellness care are readily available on-site, including licensed nurse services, medication management and occupational and physical therapy. Quail Ridge’s nutritional counseling program accommodates personal dietary needs to ensure residents’ overall health and well-being.

What Residents Are Saying
Reviewers find the community a great place for their elders, expressing gratitude for the outstanding care. A resident’s family member writes, “Quail Ridge is an absolute Godsend for my family… They have staff that are highly trained in dementia. The staff is so loving and caring. The activities they have for the residents keep them very engaged and happy.”

Reviews: 4.07 out of 5 stars; 70 reviews
Phone: (405) 755-5775
Address: 12401 Trail Oak Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Web: https://www.quailridgeassistedliving.com/

Legend at Council Road

  • Resident Capacity: 76
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Legend at Council Road focuses on seniors’ individuality through personalized care offered across all its lifestyle options. The community’s memory care neighborhood has all the comforts of home, with cozy gathering spaces, lovely outdoors and vibrant activity areas. The team celebrates each resident’s life story through individual books that chronicle past experiences, personal interests, and significant milestones. The detailed information serves as the foundation for creating meaningful connections and developing personalized service plans. Legend’s PARO program, an innovative approach in therapeutic care, uses robotics and bio-feedback technology. Interaction with a PARO machine helps manage feelings of anxiety, isolation, agitation and other behaviors related to cognitive conditions. The health care team monitors individual progress and coordinates with physicians to ensure residents’ overall well-being. Family counseling meetings are conducted regularly to keep everyone updated regarding loved ones’ status.

What Residents Are Saying
Family members like that the staff willingly accommodates everyone’s needs. One writes, “We recently moved my mother-in-law to Legend at Council Road. The staff has been excellent and very helpful getting her transitioned… They have been there to guide us through the whole process. It is a very pleasant, loving atmosphere! Couldn’t be happier with our choice!”

Reviews: 4.54 out of 5 stars; 41reviews
Phone: (405) 721-0300
Address: 11320 N. Council Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Web: https://legendseniorliving.com/Find-a-Community/oklahoma/legend-at-council-road.html

Heritage Point of Oklahoma City

  • Resident Capacity: 60
  • Room Types: Studios
  • Care Provided: Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,500 for Memory Care, $5,500 for Assisted Living

Heritage Point of Oklahoma City specializes in memory care, offering programming specific to individual conditions. Residents can receive assistance with the activities of daily living. Programming emphasizes social interactions among residents, with options such as tai chi, meditation, church services, parties, word search, crossword puzzles, trivia and chair workouts. Memory care programming also includes opportunities for volunteering and animal therapy. Relaxation activities are a point of focus, which is why the community organizes spa days, hand massages and music therapy. The community also hosts interactive discussions among residents and opportunities for reminiscence to allow residents to retain cognitive skills and develop new ones. Residents are encouraged to spend time outdoors in structured activities with staff, taking advantage of the natural setting surrounding the campus.

What Residents Are Saying
Residents and their loved ones laud the community for its positive environment, plentiful natural light and lots of activities for residents. One writes, “A friend … said we should check this place out, I’m glad we did, nice and friendly from the moment we walked through the door, staff was extremely helpful and kind, the residents appeared to be happy and engaged.”

Reviews: 4.13 out of 5 stars; 28 reviews
Phone: (405) 252-8200
Address: 12000 N. MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Web: https://www.heritagepointokc.com/

Vitality Living Village

  • Resident Capacity: 52
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,310 for Memory Care, $3,715 for Assisted Living

Vitality Living Village is an assisted living and memory care community located minutes away from local attractions, malls and major medical facilities. Its tranquility is enhanced by walking paths, an outdoor garden and a 2-acre lake right within the property. The secure, comfortable environment of the memory care neighborhood pairs well with the personalized care enjoyed by seniors facing mild to severe cognitive challenges. Programs and services are built around individual life stories, unique interests and familiar routines, allowing residents to lead purposeful lives and foster meaningful connections. Residents can gather for group activities or lively chats around the many cozy common areas, including a greenhouse, fireside living room and arts and crafts studio. A 24-hour security system keeps residents safe, and concierge services help simplify personal tasks.

What Residents Are Saying
Visiting family members enjoy seeing loved ones thrive within the community and express satisfaction with the level of care. One says “I am very pleased with the communication from the nurses about mom and from the aides about any supplies she may need. When I come see mom … she is smiling and happy! She tells me the employees are doing a great job caring for everyone.”

Reviews: 4.46 out of 5 stars; 45 reviews
Phone: (405) 751-8430
Address: 2333 Manchester Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Web: https://www.vitalityseniorliving.com/senior-living-locations/oklahoma/village/

Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

  • Resident Capacity: 66
  • Room Types: Studios, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $4,100 for Memory Care

Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City offers the comforts of home with its spacious accommodations, lovely living spaces and relaxing outdoors, all providing the conveniences of a maintenance-free lifestyle. Care is focused on seniors living with cognitive conditions, with customized resident plans developed around personal interests and abilities. Plans are regularly evaluated to meet changing care needs. The neighborhood is functionally designed with themed corridors, making navigation safe and easy. Residents benefit from 12 Oaks’ Symphony of Life programming, keeping them active and stimulated through music, arts, pets and other enriching daily experiences. The Red Plate dining program serves a variety of healthy meals, and the Three Glass Taste Tests supports hydration. Regular fitness exercises help maintain physical strength and core abilities. Transportation to supervised group outings and personal appointments is also available.

What Residents Are Saying
The staff’s care and competence leave a positive impression on reviewers. “My stepmother and I both liked [Storey Oaks]. … They really took interest in the person’s past personal history where they based their care plan on. … The staff was excellent. Their medical credentials were good. They had special training for memory care, Alzheimer’s and dementia. I was happy with it,” says a family member.

Reviews: 3.61 out of 5 stars; 57 reviews
Phone: (405) 454-8143
Address: 8300 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Web: https://12oaks.net/senior-living-communities/storey-oaks-memory-care/

Dorset Place

  • Resident Capacity: 38
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite
  • Base Pricing: $2,800 for Memory Care, $1,680 for Assisted Living

Dorset Place is a smaller community, which gives residents a sense of closeness with staff and individualized attention that might not be possible in a larger community. Memory care services here take a person-centered approach, which means that each care plan is individualized to the person and condition in question. Communal spaces have added layers of security for memory care residents to wander freely, while memory boxes in each living space allow residents to personalize and showcase their lived experiences. Dining options are shared experiences so that residents can interact with one another while the daily routine is purposely flexible so memory care residents can choose activities that align with their emotions. Friends and family are also welcomed to memory care activities to ensure that residents maintain these important connections.

What Residents Are Saying
Community reviews laud Dorset Place for its intimate approach to care, as residents and staff maintain close ties and social interaction is encouraged. Amenities and a diverse range of activities are also points of note. One reviewer writes, “Very pretty Community. It’s a smaller community which I liked since you get to know the other residents and families.”

Reviews: 3.83 out of 5 stars; 45 reviews
Phone: (405) 260-9962
Address: 2435 NW. 122nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Web: https://www.enlivant.com/communities/oklahoma/dorset-place-oklahoma-city

The Fountains at Canterbury

  • Resident Capacity: 292
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Detached Homes
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing
  • Base Pricing: NA

The Fountains at Canterbury offers a full range of lifestyle options, from vibrant independent living and supportive assisted living to specialized memory care. Seniors living with memory-related conditions thrive in The Gardens neighborhood’s intimate homelike setting. The Gourmet Bites dining program makes mealtimes more enjoyable through manageable servings of healthy choices, and residents can store their favorite snacks in their personal pantry. Trained caregivers, called Nayas, the Sanskrit word for guide, engage residents in structured daily routines, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation, which helps in creating a sense of purpose and productivity. Health is given utmost importance with residents having access to preventive health screenings and individual wellness plans. Additionally, the care team coordinates regularly with health care professionals and family members for any urgent issues.

What Residents Are Saying
Families and relatives are thankful for the respectful care their loved ones receive and commend the staff for answering all queries. One writes, “My family chose to use the Fountains when my grandma declined and needed memory care. I could not be more pleased with the care! They take the memory care residents on outings, they bake, and they garden. They treat my grandma with respect and dignity.”

Reviews: 3.78 out of 5 stars; 100 reviews
Phone: (405) 751-3600
Address: 1404 NW. 122nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Web: https://canterbury.watermarkcommunities.com/

Willowood at Mustang

  • Resident Capacity: 79
  • Room Types: Studios
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Willowood at Mustang is situated in a quiet community and offers residents a wide array of amenities to create a vibrant and engaging environment. Memory care services emphasize relationship-building and socialization in a secure environment. Planned outings and group recreation are part of the approach here. On-site chefs design meals for memory care residents to ensure proper nutrition, while services like medication management ensure that residents have the support and assistance they need. Secured spaces allow residents to freely roam around the campus. Walking paths and gardening areas promote hobby-related special interests. The program also considers each person’s history to find ways to incorporate tenets of it into their activity options.

What Residents Are Saying
Residents and their loved ones point out the spaciousness of the rooms and the range of amenities provided to make the living experience comfortable. One notes, “Beautiful building, the rooms are nice and spacious. The staff is incredibly kind, helpful, and interested in the residents. I love that they do fun activities daily and try to get everyone involved.”

Reviews: 3.69 out of 5 stars; 42 reviews
Phone: (405) 376-1200
Address: 1017 W. State Hwy. 152, Mustang, OK 73064
Web: https://info.wellage.com/contact-willowood-senior-living

Arbor House Assisted Living

  • Resident Capacity: 65
  • Room Types: Studios
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Arbor House Assisted Living focuses on a personalized approach to all elements of care. Memory care programming is delivered through the Life In Motion construct, which references staff members as friends and establishes connections with each resident based on their personal history. Residents are encouraged to try new activities each day, from gardening to baking — whatever piques their interest. The secured memory care area allows seniors within as much independence as possible while engaging with others in the community. Activity examples for memory care residents include storytelling, trivia, group fitness and daily devotions. Residents are encouraged to form strong connections with other residents, which is one of the reasons that mealtimes are social.

What Residents Are Saying
Loved ones note the consistency of care and memory care experience exhibited by the staff. One writes, “My Mother has lived here for 4 years now and it is very much ‘HOME’ for her. The staff and management in this community really care about the residents to the point of feeling like extended family members.”

Reviews: 4.26 out of 5 stars; 51 reviews
Phone: (405) 376-2872
Address: 850 N. Clear Springs Rd., Mustang, OK 73064
Web: https://www.arborhouseliving.com/mustang/

Legend at Rivendell Assisted Living

  • Resident Capacity: 151
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Legend at Rivendell Assisted Living helps residents thrive in their retirement years by offering a wide range of amenities and services designed for unique needs. With extensive training and experience in dementia practices, the dedicated memory care team provides attentive support to seniors coping with the challenges of Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive conditions. Customized service plans revolve around individual life stories, interests and abilities chronicled in each resident’s personal book. The community’s wellness and life enrichment program is holistic, offering senior-friendly physical strengthening exercises, therapeutic and recreational experiences, educational sessions and spiritual services. Residents benefit from Legend’s innovative PARO robotics- and biofeedback-based technology that provides soothing and calming interaction. For those needing more personalized services, the community also offers a companionship support program.

What Residents Are Saying
People commend the staff for going above and beyond to serve the residents and their families. One family member says, “My parents have been living at Legend for 4 months. I could not be happier with the facility. …the staff always has a smile for me when I come in. Employees genuinely care for the residents and are cheerful. … Everyone there knew my parents by name by the end of the first week.”

Reviews: 4.39 out of 5 stars; 63 reviews
Phone: (405) 703-2300
Address: 13200 S. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Web: https://legendseniorliving.com/Find-a-Community/oklahoma/legend-at-rivendell.html

Village on the Park Oklahoma City

  • Resident Capacity: 64
  • Room Types: Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites, Detached Homes
  • Care Provided: Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: $5,800 for Memory Care, $4,185 for Assisted Living, $2,750 for Independent Living

Located just over 20 miles south of Edmond in the suburbs of the state capital, Village on the Park Oklahoma City is a resort-inspired retirement community offering maintenance-free accommodations catered to seniors with changing care needs and their pets. Its one-story memory care subcommunity ensures seniors with dementia live in a safe, intimate environment that provides daily opportunities for social interactions and cognitive stimulation. Optional scheduled activities include music classes, group yoga, accompanied neighborhood strolls and religious services. All memory care suites feature private patios, an abundance of natural light and one-touch emergency call systems. Community amenities include a beauty salon, rotating restaurant-style and anytime menus, an exercise studio, an ice cream parlor and housekeeping and linen services.

What Residents Are Saying
Residents and their relatives praise the helpful staff, delicious food, welcoming environment and scheduled, engaging activities provided by the community. The son of one resident says, “The staff and other residents have welcomed my mom. … She’s happier than she’s been in a very long time, and living her life to the fullest!”

Reviews: 4.71 out of 5 stars; 81 reviews
Phone: (405) 237-5464
Address: 1515 Kingsridge Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Web: https://www.rcmseniorliving.com/senior-living/ok/oklahoma-city/village-on-the-park-kingsridge-dr/

Brookdale Oklahoma City Southwest

  • Resident Capacity: 40
  • Room Types: Studios, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Memory Care
  • Base Pricing: NA

Designed with plenty of natural light, a fireside living room and landscaped outdoors, Brookdale serves as a safe haven for seniors needing specialized memory care. Residents can choose the privacy of solo apartments or enjoy interacting in cozy friendship suites. Personal life stories, important milestones and accomplishments are celebrated through individual biography boxes displayed near room entrances. Residents benefit from Brookdale’s exclusive Clare Bridge program, a two-tier approach to care. Crossings offers art and dance classes, outdoor trips and other social activities that enhance the self-esteem of seniors living with early-stage dementia. Solace provides more attentive support and specialized multisensory activities for those with advanced cognitive conditions. Residents participate in structured daily routines for whole-body wellness, including B-Fit physical exercises and cognitive workouts, as well as life skills programming.

What Residents Are Saying
Family members like the intimate setting and attentive staff. One says, “I liked that it only had a limited amount of rooms. … They were really sweet and we really liked them. They’re really interactive and that’s helpful for my mom. The staff has been great and I really don’t have complaints. The dining area seems inviting and I like the area. They really try to get the residents involved.”

Reviews: 4.66 out of 5 stars; 49 reviews
Phone: (405) 691-0409
Address: 10001 S. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73159
Web: https://www.brookdale.com/en/communities/brookdale-oklahoma-city-southwest.html

Autumn Leaves of Southwest Oklahoma City

  • Resident Capacity: 46
  • Room Types: Studios, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided: Memory Care, Day Services, Respite
  • Base Pricing: $6,700 for Memory Care

Autumn Leaves of Southwest Oklahoma City is a family-owned and -operated senior living community focusing on memory care. The intimate setting features wide hallways and entryways, a secure central courtyard and spacious living areas designed to maximize independence and engagement. Themed colors and familiar furniture add to the relaxing and reassuring environment. Residents are welcome to drop by Jean’s therapeutic kitchen and indulge in wonderful aromas coming from the chef’s creations. The culinary team recognizes the special needs of seniors, offering finger foods for those who wander and a separate dining area that supports dignified dining for those who require personalized meal assistance. There’s also a private room for intimate family celebrations. The community’s life engagement program supports residents’ artistic expression, spiritual experiences, social connections, leisure choices and physical strengthening.

What Residents Are Saying
People describe the community as comfortable and homelike. Family members like receiving updates regarding their loved ones, with one saying, “My mother-in-law moved into Autumn Leaves in Oklahoma City, and she’s doing really well, so far. … My wife has been able to talk to her on a daily basis when needed or if she’s had an issue and the staff would call.”

Reviews: 4.24 out of 5 stars; 31 reviews
Phone: (405) 237-7070
Address: 2232 SW. 104th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73159
Web: http://autumnleaves.com/communities/southwest-oklahoma-city/