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Control Your Information

Control Your Information

Caring respects your right to privacy and we take the protection of your personal information seriously. For the most part, you can visit and our other websites without us associating information from those visits with your personal information. Any information that you do provide to us is completely voluntary, but some information is necessary for us to render the information and referral services that we provide.

You have the right to know which pieces of information Caring collects and request access to, or deletion of that information which we have gathered. This can be achieved by submitting a request on the form located here, and by providing us with the following information which you used to fill out our contact form:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • First and Last Name
  • If you remember it, the date on which you first requested information from Caring

You may also call (844) 201-8423 and leave us a message with your request if you would prefer. We will do our best to honor these requests in a timely manner, but that may take up to 30 days, or longer in some cases. If you do not provide the information requested above, we will be unable to locate your records, and therefore unable to fulfill your request.

You can review our Privacy Policy or contact us with questions at You may also review our page, Do Not Sell My Personal Information to make requests that we not sell your personal information.

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